Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Minor Project – Character Performance (Lip Syn and Animatic)

After doing my character designs I broke down the audio of my sound and filmed a live action reference so I can create my lip syn and start my animatic thumbnails.
Below is the lip sync for my character

When I finished my thumbnails I went straight onto my animatic using my live action reference but there are certain poses and movments which I cannot do but my character can as shown in the videos below.

Minor Project – Character Performance (Character Designs)

After studying the character and the audio clip I was given I did a number of characters designs trying to stretch what I could do with the design I was given but most of the time I went to far away from the original design because I was focusing to much on the audio clips.
Below are the characters I designed with some of my thoughts.

Starting Minor Project – Character Performance

Sorry I havn't updated for a while but my internet has still not been activated in my house.
This project was given out two weeks on the 8th of October.

I've been given by the brief "Minor Project – Character Performance" which I have been assisgned a character drawn by students from St Gwladys junior school and a 12 second sound clip called "worthy of Attention" and working from this image and sound clip I have to design a character which can't devate to much away from the drawings design.

Below is the drawing I was allocated along with the audio clip


Friday, 4 October 2013

Starting my Second Year

I'm now starting my Second Year of university and my first assignment is to create storyboards on a trailer of our choice and seen from a ninja turtles episode with a different script giving to every person.

So far I have finished drawing the individual images and only have to put them together in a more professional way below are some of drawings I have done of the ninja turtles script I have been given.

I might add the rest but probably not out of fear of someone stealing them before I get the chance to hand the work in.