Thursday, 27 February 2014

Background Progression

I've still been working on background and at this moment I've finished 7 out of 8 line works and 4 have been coloured (but not shaded or textured). I should have them all coloured by the weekend.
But I have also done a keyframe test on my first background to get an idea of How the animation will somewhat look like and I think it work when the background is fully finished and the animation has been smoothed out.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Starting my Final Project

Sorry I havn't update for a while, I've had a lot of PC trouble on my home machine (constant blue screens which lead to me buy a brand new motherboard and CPU), but it seems to be sorted out now.

Jump straight into my Final Project I've started creating the backgrounds for my flash animation and here are a few screen shots of my progress. I would of done a few more but as I mentioned before the PC troubles held me a bit.

I'm planning on animating the boulders on space background and I'm currently adding the shading to world background at this moment as well as designing the other background (8 in total). I'm going to add some textures to both but what your seeing above are still working progress and when I've finished them I'll upload them in a future post.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Slides update

A lot of what I've been doing lately is putting my slides together ready for the hand in Monday. So I thought I'd just show (for now) some of key slide like the turn around and character line up as well as some colour swipes for the alien world.
I'm planning on colouring in the turn around but at this very moment they're on the top of the list importance.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Final Animatic and Outlines

This week got around to finishing my final animatic which includes sounds and I've also taken this time to upload the slides which describes my character in a bit more detail and some history about them which isn't told through the animatic. I'm currently recreating one of my background concepts in illustrator to see which style works the best with my characters, I've already tried hand pencil drawings and bold line drawings (using photoshop). Once I've finished illustrator I can decide which one works the best.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Storyboard of "It came from the planet earth"

"It came from the planet Earth" is more of a working title till I can think of something better but it's probably going to be offical title. Anyway I finished my second animatic and competed a final turn around for all my character but I'll upload them at a later date when I have the files at hand and the time to upload it all. For now here a few slides for my project (3 out of 8)