Thursday, 28 November 2013

Finishing Illustrator background

I think I'm pretty much done here with this background, I can add the jagged line for teeth to the statues but other then that this is pretty much what I can do at my current level and experience with illustrator.
Generally I think it's okay and using the illustrator program wasn't as difficult as I used to remember it from years ago. Here's a screencap of my final image for you to see.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Background and Illustrator

I started doing to second park of my project which is using Illustrator to create a background of our own choice. Below is the background I drew of what my Illustrator background should look like, I kept it simple because this is the first time I've touched Illustrator and I don't want to get in over my head.

Following this image as a guide this is what I've done so far but I still got alot of shading to do aswell as lighting. But I think I've got the objects added although I think I could add more detail to the house (such as windows and doors).

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Last years life drawing animals

I have already got these uploaded onto my DA account but I also want to create to show them once more.
These are some of my favorite life drawings of animals that I did last year.

Project update from day to night

In my background colour project I've finished adding the shadows and lighting, so from what I can see the day time version of the background is complete

I continued on to building the night time filters which I can switch on and off with a click so the background can change from day to night a second. I had a lot trouble with since for some reason I couldn't get the masks to work and after an hour of looking through my slides and channels for any mistakes and watching tutorials encase I missed something I just suddenly worked. I don't know why or how I didn't nothing different but when I tried for what seemed to be 10th time I just worked.

So here is my night time background, the only things I need to do is add mist a texture to overlap the entire thing to make it look like a painting and add the spirals to the tree's

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Showing my own art pieces

So I thought I'd create a blog to promote my own personal stuff as well give a link to where I upload it to.
Other then show everything I'm just going to put up my three personal favorites and I hope you like what see and tell me what you think along side any creative criticism. Some of the styles might change because I wanted to try something different and I'll do another post like this with my three more of my favorites but all my work can found in the link below.
My DeviantArt Account


Update on brief AA2S01 CW1

I finished the initial colouring of the background I was given and tomorrow I should be shown a tutorial to how to shadow and light my background as well being shown how to create night filter to turn my background into a night time setting.

Below is a screen shot of my progress.

I don't think it looks to bad so far and when I learn how to shade tomorrow I should be finished later on that night.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Starting Brief AA2S01 CW1

The class was given they're new brief today which included a tutorial on how to use certain features Photoshop (such using channels and organizing your layers correctly).

Our brief is to recreated the background below but keeping all the different layers separate so they can be changed as well as layers to create a night time theme.

At this moment I have gotten as far as cleaning the line work, colouring the line and half way through adding the primary colours of the image.

I'll keep update every major threshold I cross.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Final out come of project AA2S02CW3

I never found my memory stick in the end, but I did have the best majority of worked back up on my home PC but I did have to rescan my final piece back into flip.
This isn't the same file I handed in but it's very very close.

My class will be given our next project tomorrow unless we get an e-mail telling us other wise and I should be frequent with my updates on my project's progress

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Animating the last project

 Sorry about the infrequency of my posts but I've only had my internet switched on a few days ago so it's has been difficult to update this blog. But with net now activated I should be able to keep more on top of things.

The last project I had was completing the animatic I made form my last project so below is the video of the unfinished project and later on I'll upload the final video soon as I can get a hold my memory with the my final work on.

On the final video I have animated the small creature which he is talking to on the chair and added the detail, missing face and other touch ups.

With any luck I can show you it very soon.