Saturday, 9 January 2016

Spooky Scary 2 Ruff animatic one

So about the long delay, with the Christmas Holiday, work and me getting distracted by a number game releases I haven't had a lot of time in getting this project moving. But at long last I got the first draft of the animatic done.

Before I can move forward to the next phase there is a lot of re-work that has be done in the animatic stage, a lot of scene's either don't work and need to be redone or the key frames don't look right. There's also a number of problems with the voices in that they don't match the scene, are quiet or they're not emoting that well (and a number background noises during recording).

There also a few other nit picks also, but by the second animatic all the problems and errors will be fixed. But for now I hope you enjoy this first ruff draft.