Monday, 20 January 2014

Character Development: Alien dog and monster

After getting some feed back I decided to change the premise to where the Spaceman is victim instead of the alien creature and making the creature the hero.

New premise:
A spaceman travels to an alien via he rocket ship where upon landing is stalked my an unseen the creature which the spaceman takes notice and panics more and more as the creature gets closer.
When the unseen creature is almost upon the spaceman it jumps out of the bushes and is revealed to be an adorable alien dog, the spaceman in relief of this threatening creature leans on what he assumes to be a rock but is quickly revealed to be a large monstrous creature.
The spaceman runs for his life past the alien dog which looks to be oblivious to this threat and watches the spaceman run away, when the alien looks back he is face to face with the monstrous creature which roars in his face, in return the dog alien beats the alien roar in volume and power with a belch which knock's out the monstrous creature and the dog drags the body of the creature to spaceman feet as if he was playing fetch with spaceman, the space confused then looks at the camera and the screen fades to inside his rocket ship (in near future) where the alien dog has a collar and is named Bazzel.

Because the change in premise I had to redesign the alien a bit and this is the design I've settled on (but I'm still not sure an what colours to make him yet)

I'm still working on the look of the monstrous creature but these are few ideas I've come up with