Thursday, 30 January 2014

Spaceman Animatic test 1

Below is my first animatic test and from this first draft I have noticed a few things I wanted/need to change.

The first thing I want to change is when the spaceman is reveal for the first time I want to make the reveal a bit more grand, so I was thinking of doing a low angle shot of the door when it open and the spaceman obscured by smoke.
The second thing add is the alien creature stalking the spaceman from bush to bush then the spaceman notices something is quiet right.
The third is the dog alien and monster roaring at each other. It's not clear on what going on and if I experiment a bit more with angles I think I could a more interesting animation also show a bit more clearly whats going on.
The last thing I want to add is a seen showing the spaceman making the dog his pet, just showing a dog isn't enough I don't think.

When made these correction I'll also add sound until then here is the video so far.