Friday, 17 July 2015

Annecy Animation Festival 2015

This summer I took trip to the Annecy Animation Festival with a number of my university friends and from my previous post I promised I'd elaborate more on the experience.

It was an amazing experience to go the festival, being able to see how many talented film maker there are and watch so many spectacular film ranging from a vast majority of styles and techniques.

The two films which stood out the most to me had to have been the “The Long Way North” and “Mune”.

“The Long Way North” has a very beautiful animation style and I was amazed in how much they could do with such a limited colour pallet for a film set in the Arctic.

The second film which caught my attention was “Mune” I instantly fell in love with character designs and I don't think there was any character which felt “that could have been design better” or “that character was rush”. But also the world was breath taking see, for a world which had one half rocky landscape and the other half to be a rainforest it's strange to see in how it just worked and you don't question it's existence.

With films aside the amount of new technology and hardware that was shown at MIFA event was incredible, I wish I could of taken the Cintiq's home as well as the Oculus but maybe one day I will.

When I came home after the festival I felt inspired and if I'm lucky enough it would love to go again next year.