Monday, 20 April 2015

A look at Blue Zoo Animation

Blue Zoo Studio is based in heart of London and the company has been around for longer then a decade which during this time has created strong strong relationships with TV broadcasters and media companies worldwide and to name a few would the British Braodcasting Channel. ITV, Cartoon Network and Disney.

The company has won many awards and BAFTA on multiple accounts and is will no doubt win many more. The company has four major areas which are 3D animations, 2D animation, mixed media animation and Motion Graphics.

The company has many different IP's but it's most currently popular show is "Those Scurvy Rascals". The is about about small group of pirate (three in number) which instead of seeking treasurer chests or valuables they want to obtain underpants.

I could go onto discuss the studios other shows (such as Blue Cow which is another popular show) but it would be more beneficial to visit their site which has a good number of videos and posts discussing their work in detail.