Sunday, 19 April 2015

A look at Sun and Moon Studios

Looking at anouther company which is close to home, Sun and Moon studios (which is based in Bristol) produces two kinds of work which are animations and games.

They company started up in 2008 by Dylan Shipley and Louis Jones and since then has created a large number of high qauilty gaming apllications for children to help educate and entertain the viewing audience.

But the company has also created many animations which ranged from educatinal videos to viewed on mobile devices or web browser to TV adverts and stings.

Sun & Moon Showreel from Sun & Moon Studios on Vimeo.

I was unable to comfirm what software the company uses but it would be my best guess that Illustrator and Flash is they're primary tools but is not limited to that, the company contuinielly growing and is not afriad tto try new ideas and styles and it's because of this why they are well and will cointuine to do well.