Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ultimate Image Development Part 1 08/04/15

For the last few days I've taken a break from my final film in order to work on business projects.
This first of which is my Ultimate Image, which in it's simplest form is a poster which promotes your work as an animator or character designer.

When doing initial research for this project I took a look at the work from past students as well as looked at movie poster that are currently being used to promote movies out in cinema's.

(I would show examples but until I get permission from the artist I won't post there poster just yet)

After looking over my research I knew I wanted to have poster which incorporates the character I have created over the last three years of university. So after drawing a few concept I managed to narrow them down to one idea, then I refined that idea a bit more and played around with the composition to get my final concept (while getting general advice and ideas from colleagues and family).

(Final Concept)